Our story
There is no doubt that pets play an important role in our lives. While we provide them with care and love, they share their unconditional love
.with us to brighten our days
Think about the feelings you have when you come home to a pet excited to see you. These pets are non-judgmental and they are always there to provide love,   meaning, and joy to our lives
Whether it's an emotional, psychological or physical relationship, pets can help decrease loneliness, relieve stress and anxiety, and provide
.us with opportunities to exercise, play, and recreate
At Barkly, our mission is to return as much love as possible to those who
.have taught us what love is on


:We're doing it with an uncompromising focus on 



We love pets, humans and art. This is why we're passionate about every  little bit of the process from our marketing through our website experience and of course, the production process 



ART speaks what words are unable to explain 

We understand that a piece of art can evoke feelings of wonder and deep appreciation. This is why we take art very seriously in our products. Through our products at Barkly, you are going to discover real and amazing pieces of art done by a Real Artist



We believe that every animal matters. Therefore, protecting animals is vital to both our survival and humanity. That's why we decided to donate 10% of all our incomes to Best Friends welfare