The Secret Things of Pets

Do dogs like hugs?

Apparently dogs don’t really like hugs. It turns out that they are just willing to suffer a little for us to be happy ... In fact, hugs cause an increase in stress and anxiety in dogs. In a review of 250 photos of people hugging dogs the conclusions were that 81% of the photos showed at least one sign of some discomfort on the part of the dog

Do dogs feel lonely?

Dogs are a tribal animal and they live an excellent life in the community. They are social creatures that need company, so a dog who spends most of his day alone at home will feel lonely.

Can dogs develop anxieties?

Yes! This is because dogs have excellent link memory, they remember good experiences as positive conditions and bad experiences can become traumatic for them. A dog knows that chain chaining means going for a walk and he knows that if he sees a suitcase then his owner is going to disappear for him soon. It is easier for them to overcome the anxieties, but if not done with the right work with them they can carry the traumas for years. Pets can experience traumas like anxiety of abandonment and abuse.

Does my pet love me?

Yes, but not in the way we love them. The pet loves us, but it is a different love, no more or less, but a different love. We want them to love us a specific kind of love and we are disappointed that we do not get it back. Dogs are a balanced animal that knows how to channel the feelings of love into balanced places and they need love that combines leadership, confidence and routine. Because of the love we want to give, we give them the freedom to do what they want. This freedom creates problems. Dogs feel good and safe when the boundaries are clear.