How to spend the winter in peace with a cat?

Compared to the dogs, the hairy kings and queens of the house do enjoy a warm climate and available food, but there are still opportunities lurking in every corner. Cats are curious by nature and once combined with household electrical wires, there is potential for an electrifying and dangerous celebration. Tooth bite marks on electrical wires are a common occurrence and to prevent unfortunate cases, it is advisable to hide them well or be equipped with plastic sleeves that will securely bind the wires inside them.

Most cats develop a special fondness for exposed heaters and tend to approach them without being aware of the danger. While you are at home, it is advisable to keep an eye on the cat so that it does not come close to the heating elements such as electric, oil or gas stoves. Even an innocent encounter of a tail in a hot oven can end in excruciating pain.

Hairballs and daily brushes

Most cat owners have developed a complex relationship with the remaining cat hairs on the clothes and sofas in the living room. In winter, there is an increase in the density and amount of fur and with it the risk of hairballs forming in the cat's gut. Hairballs can cause a blockage in the digestive tract.

 An effective way to reduce the frequency of hairballs and get rid of excess hair is to brush the cat with a brush once a day, if the cat allows it to be brushed. Cats cleanse themselves with the tongue numerous times a day as part of a rigorous self-care festival, brushing will save them from having to deal with a lot of hair swallowing. Does the cat suffer from a hairball problem? You can consult with the attending veterinarian and purchase special quality food for him or use preparations that aim to prevent the formation of hairballs.


There is no need to significantly change the diet of the domestic cat, which also develops a tendency to obesity. If you have the economic option to purchase good quality food, it is advisable to focus on premium or super premium level food because the ingredients in it contain animal ingredients and not synthetic substitutes. If you serve canned food to a cat, it is best to serve it at room temperature and not too cold or hot.

One of the epidemics of recent years is overweight cats. Try to have a lot of energetic games with the cat at home every day for at least 15 minutes. Enjoyment is guaranteed for both parties

Fleas and ticks

Should prevention of parasites and ticks be continued? Many cat owners believe that with the drop in temperatures, the various parasites also reduce their activity. Notice if the cat is scratching non-stop, if there is hair loss, if there are scabs on the skin, redness, skin problems such as red spots located in a particular area or scattered all over the body, sores caused by the itching itself. The same wounds by the way, can experience secondary infection by the bacteria that catch a ride with the fleas.

Did you notice black spots in the cat's fur? This is probably flea feces, which is none other than clotted blood that the flea sucked some time before. Even if your cats do not leave the house, it is recommended that you continue to treat them with contraceptives once a month