6 tips for raising a dog and cat in the same house

Before you make a decision, it is always advisable to consult a veterinarian or friend who is already raising a cat and dog together. Experience brings wisdom

Dogs and cats growing up together

Most homes with both cats and dogs, if given enough time to get to know each other and adapt to one another they could live in peace with one another. A kitten and a puppy who grow up together, for example, are likely to learn to be patient with each other and even become good friends, play together, and sleep together.

Introducing a cat to a home with a dog

Incases like this you should take precautions: when getting to know a cat for the first time your dog should be at eye level with the making sure that they are feeling comfortable and safe. If one of them shows signs of nervousness, aggression, or fear, move them away from each other and try again later. One thing for sure - do not force the situation on them, they need to be prepared for it. A few minutes of such meetings every day, and after a little time together under supervision - slowly they will feel more comfortable one with the other

Cats and dogs in the same home

Do not leave a cat and dog alone together until you are sure they feel safe with each other. Let them smell and examine each other for a while until they get used to the new situation. If you leave them alone when they are still not getting along, they may hurt each other. And even if there is no physical injury, it can be traumatic for one of them and they will not be able to overcome the fear for their life.

Assigning areas for your pet

It's important that your pet will have a designated area that they know is theirs, where they could go and relax in their bed or play with their toys. This area is also where their plates for food and water will be.

Positive reinforcements

Encourage you pet with an occasional snack, a pat and a kind word for good behaving