4 ways to photograph your pet

To document small moments of everyday happiness

If you recently brought home a new friend on 4 you probably already really want to document the cute creature and spread it on social media. While it is easy for people to pose and smile when photographing for animals it can be problematic. For this reason we have provided you with a number of tips that will put your pet in the spotlight correctly.

Use their toys

A great way to bring life to your image is to try to incorporate some play into it! Consider giving your pet a variety of toys during photography. His appearance playing, biting or having fun with the toy will bring life to the picture and make people think and write "how sweet".

Shoot in good lighting conditions

Whether you are planning to take a picture in the private garden, in the park or indoors, the lighting conditions are very important for creating a quality and professional photo. If you have a chance, you should try to take pictures in daylight, preferably in the early morning near sunrise or before sunset. This time is called by photographers "golden hour" and will add a special atmosphere to the photo.

Record his favorite activity

If your new puppy likes to sleep in his favorite corner - go for it. Natural moments in life are best photographed. Of course it could be either during a game he likes, or even filming him chasing something. The new puppy's natural reactions are the sweetest thing there is. To take a lot of pictures and choose the most successful.

 Give him a snack

Just as play and interaction are helpful tips for pet photography, so too is bringing some delicious snack to your best friend. In fact, it may give your furry friend a kind of little training that will make him behave and be photographed nicely. Also, if you are taking pictures on your mobile phone, consider placing the snack over the lens. This may help your pet focus and look directly at the camera (probably with a smile on his face!)